CBS Sports: “Louisville Cardinals’ Damion Lee Plays Last Game; Ponders Rap Career”

CBS Sports

Louisville Cardinals’ Damion Lee Plays Last Game; Ponders Rap Career

March 7, 2016

Producer Jonathan Hay, who produced Johnny College, a song performed by Chaz Ultra, Kxng Crooked & Greyson and Jasun off the The Urban Hitchcock LP. “To see Louisville get tarnished by a sex scandal is so disgusting and it breaks my heart, and that’s what inspiredJohnny College. Louisville just got destroyed by Virginia — Louisville is a team that could go to the Final Four or lose in the first or second round. Whereas next year’s team could go all the way with what we have coming out. So what they did was not for jeopardize next year’s champion contender and recruiting class for this team. Damion Lee and Trey Lewis got screwed by the politics of college basketball business. It’s sad.”

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