How Stuff Works: “Celebrity Weed Endorsements: The Next Designer Perfume?”

How Stuff Works

Celebrity Weed Endorsements: The Next Designer Perfume?

December 8, 2015

“Publicist and music producer Jonathan Hay says savvy celebrities should get in the game now before pitching weed becomes as common as shooting a soda commercial. “Artists need to jump on quick because three or four years from now, it’s gonna be no big deal,” says Hay. He’s worked with a wide range of music talent, including Prince, Whitney Houston, Ice Cube and Method Man. “If I were a major artist, I would jump on it and cash in, because soon everyone’s gonna be doing it.”

The marijuana industry should be attractive to musicians in particular, Hay says, who can’t necessarily rely on just making and performing tunes to bring home the bacon. The dawn of the digital streaming age has meant declining revenue for the music business. It’s also helped nudge artists into using their videos and Instagram accounts as branding and product placement platforms. Weed is perfect for those kinds of marketing moves, Hay says, because it still has some edginess — or what Hay called “a cool factor” — to it, thanks to the drug’s uncertain legal status. Hay is certainly no stranger to controversy. He recently found himself in the entertainment tabloids after admitting to helping float a rumor that Jay-Z had stepped out on Beyoncé with a then-17-year-old Rihanna in order to try to create some buzz for her first single in 2005. More recent talk about that pop star rolling out her own ganja line have since gone up in smoke.

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