Who We Are

Established by celebrity publicist Jonathan Hay, a PR powerhouse and multi-platinum media guru who specializes in marketing and creative publicity. Jonathan Hay Celebrity has launched national media campaigns for a wide range of entertainment with some of the biggest musical acts of all-time. We are a boutique agency that offers a full range of services for retainer and project-based clients. Our publicity and marketing team goes above and beyond the call of standard unit publicity to assist you every step of the way, getting your project acquired, marketed to audiences, and seen by major critics and media outlets.    


Jonathan Hay
Jonathan Hay | Celebrity Publicist | Music Producer

Note: If you are seeking information about Jonathan Hay‘s home invasion that was allegedly setup by career criminal Quantez Gibson click here. To sum it up, Gibson was romantically involved with Hay’s ex, Sabrina Hale. There was an EPO (Emergency Protective Order) in place against Hale, who threatened to kill his 14-year-old daughter, who was also violently assaulted in the home invasion. Sadly we’ve witnessed Tim Hale, Becky Hale, Sunday Hale, Maria Danielle Holden, Chris Holden and Monica Capps (Capps Men’s Cuts) all support Quantez and Sabrina. With indictments of robbery and kidnapping charges and allegations of sexual assault, it’s been heart breaking to see people support such evil. However, we are out for justice and will succeed at all costs. Please click here to learn more about the tragedy that took place in April. Text 502.203.5416 if you have any information that could be helpful.