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Be empowered by fame, fortune & relevance from bold publicity strategies seen across the world.

Are you ready to elevate your public image & gain international clout? The high-profile Jonathan Hay Celebrity company specializes in PR campaigns that help you stand out in the entertainment industry. Our award-winning team has the expertise & connections to get your name in the spotlight & boost your career & bank account to new heights. 

What We Do...

Jonathan Hay during a Yahoo! interview

Media Relations & Outreach

We implement strategic media campaigns to maximize brand exposure for our PR clients. We proactively build relationships with media outlets to enhance your brand visibility at the highest-level. It all comes down to the angle, strategy, timing, pitch & execution. 

We've been widely recognized in the mainstream media for some of our legendary publicity campaigns. We love to compete in this global media marketing landscape & we will do whatever it takes, by any means necessary to generate press for you. LFG!

Crisis Management & Damage Control

Crisis Management & Damage Control

We develop & execute comprehensive crisis & damage control strategies for PR clients in need. We successfully manage & mitigate negative publicity, preserving the client's reputation & minimizing potential damage to their business.

We help with reputation during challenging times, providing strategic guidance and effective messaging. Jonathan Hay is recognized by The New York Times, Fox News, Marie Claire, Rolling Stone Magazine & Billboard Magazine for being a crisis media expert. Crisis management is available 24/7 365.

Jonathan Hay in Manhattan

Social Media Strategy & Product Placement

We help develop & execute relevant out-of-the-box social media strategies that influence pop culture. Our unique campaigns elevate, optimize & monetize your social media presence across all platforms.

We assist you with creating compelling content from our global network driving significant traffic, gaining followers & helping you trend... & getting your brand famous AF.


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