Jonathan Hay on Fox News: Online Reputation Management Strategies From A Celebrity Publicist

Fox News

4 Online Reputation Management Strategies From a Celebrity Publicist

October 21, 2016

Jonathan Hay, whose job is as important and sensitive as the clients he manages. You may have heard of one of his former clients — recording artist Rihanna. She knew the importance of Hay’s job in her career, so she had her producer hire Hay to break her first single “Pon de Replay.”

And before you start wondering why Hay is in a business that very few have the experience and capacity for — it’s important to know that he is a successful recording artist and producer himself. He has an enviable line-up of music collaborations with the likes of Prince, Whitney Houston and Wiz Khalifa and has worked with brands like Sony Music and Death Row Records. This type of CV definitely makes you a target for many.

Apart from being a successful music mogul, Hay has a job description that puts him at the center of attention. Competitors, and not only his, but those of his high-profile clients as well, are always looking for ways to bring him down.

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