Jonathan Hay Interview in Public (One of France’s top Magazines)

Public Interview (Translated to English)
by Cyril Bousquet
Public Magazine: How did Sophie came in touch with Drake?

Jonathan Hay: Sophie’s an artist and she’s part of exhibits that showcase her paintings in different places across the globe. She’s always meeting people with her traveling.

P: She as been described as a an actress in porn movie. We checked the information and discovered it was not true at all. What is she actually doing in her life?

JH: I’m glad you looked into that. She’s not a Porn Star or has she ever been one. Porn Star is simply just clickbait to get more readers. I believe that Drake’s team is also very responsible for spreading that inaccurate information. Sophie has been slandered terribly. But in the end, she will come out on top.

P: Did she have a long relation with Drake?

JH: It lasted several months. It seems that Drake was very passionate about her.

P: What was she doing in Amsterdam with him in January?

JH: Well that’s around the time the baby was conceived. So I’m sure you can guess what she was doing with him (laughs).

P: How does she know that he is the father?

JH: Science says Drake’s the father.

P: Asap Rocky is also said to be the father, what is the truth ?
JH: Well I can tell you that’s not the truth. Asap Rocky has been a very good friend to her and nothing more. The Asap rumors were put out by Drake’s publicist. His publicist started that rumor when she issued Drake’s statement to TMZ that Sophie, “Had sex with another big rapper at the same time as Drake”. The same OVO publicist continued her lies by saying “The other rapper has all but acknowledged it’s his kid”. None of that ever happened.
P: Is Sophie going to be in front of the justice for the recognition of her baby by Drake?
JH: When the baby is born, nothing will be the same. Everything will change for the better I believe. In my opinion, Drake’s paternal instinct will immediately kick in
P: Is she in relation with him?

JH: She’s not talking to Drake at the moment. I’ve been communicating with Drake’s camp directly. She doesn’t want to deal with any stress or drama that naturally comes with Drake’s massive international celebrity status.

P: Drake said he would assume his responsibility in case he is the father, do you think he will do so?

JH: I believe 100% that Drake will be a good father. Drake and Sophie will be co-parenting for the rest of their lives. Speaking from experience, and as a man, it’s hard to truly love a child when you can’t see it and it’s developing in the womb. All that will change the moment he lays eyes on her. It will be in that moment, that he falls in love with the baby and his life will change in that instant forever. Nothing will matter after that. The baby will become first over everything. And maybe that’s what his team is most scared of. His child will become his number one priority, not his career, status or friends.

P: What are the next steps in this case ?

JH: Well there are five months to go until the baby is born. That’s all Sophie is thinking about at the moment.

P: In which state of mind is currently Sophie ?
JH: Her main concern is the baby. She’s doesn’t want all this attention.
– Sophie Brussaux’s Publicist Jonathan Hay


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