” We’re a company of creative hustlers, marketing aficionados and music architects. We’re really, really into taking something that’s great, putting our talents, resources and expertise into developing it and ultimately turning it into something spectacular. We live for it. So much so that sometimes we forget to breathe, eat and sleep but in the end we turn out some pretty dope results. Winning requires creating the perfect storm. All the pieces have to be in place and operating at full capacity. That’s what we do — we help create the perfect storm. “


per·fect storm     noun

An actual phenomenon, created by a powerful concurrence of factors

 Kxng Crooked, Jonathan Hay, Urban Hitchcock, XVThree (Photo by Yuya Ohashi)

A Multifunctional Entertainment Co. run
by Creative Hustlers for Creative Hustlers ®

Established by celebrity publicist Jonathan Hay, a PR powerhouse and multi-platinum media guru who specializes in marketing strategy and creative publicity, Jonathan Hay Celebrity has launched national media campaigns for a wide range of entertainment clients, both internationally and domestically.

We are a boutique agency that offers a full range of services for retainer and project-based clients. Our publicity and marketing team goes above and beyond the call of standard unit publicity to assist you every step of the way, getting your project acquired, marketed to audiences, and seen by major critics and media outlets.

Creative Marketing.

Jonathan Hay is a Master Strategist. He will come up with a unique strategy that will help establish your brand in the marketplace and elevate it to new heights. He will brainstorm ideas centered around your project until both parties come to a mutual agreement on the best possible strategy with which to move forward.

Our team will help develop your pitch and figure out the best timing to introduce your project into local and national markets. We have multiple publicists and industry insiders in our network that we will utilize for your project, giving you maximum results in increasing awareness of your brand.

Crisis Management.

Called a “crisis-management expert” by Rolling Stone Magazine, Jonathan Hay knows a thing or two about navigating through the tricky waters of negative press and urgent situations. We have personal experience in this matter, as we were once victims of vicious cyberbullying. When our company and our personal reputations suffered a mass attack, Hay brilliantly turned our catastrophe into our biggest catapult, launching us into a whole new level of success.

If you’re experiencing a crisis and in need of immediate help, please contact us. We’re passionate about helping you through it, skillfully and strategically. We offer Emergency Crisis Management (Damage Control), available 24/7.

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